Coming Through in Waves

A piece for active listening I’ve taken up on this crisp blue morning, and another bit of music for which I have my first college roommate to thank for an introduction some 33 years ago.

The accompanying video is, well, awesome. But I close my eyes, breathe deeply and fully; this music can transport me to places no imagery can. Be patient. The long, reserved introduction is, I am sure, intended to clear the aural palate, so to speak. It also serves to quiet the mind, provides an opportunity to clear distractions and become mindful in anticipation of something very special.

Become the quiet and the music will soar into my spirit.

Today’s first exercise in saying yes.

Be Mindful; Become Mindfulness: Awaken

Be Mindful; Become Mindfulness: Awaken

Be Mindful; Become Mindfulness: Awaken

Be Mindful;
Become Mindfulness:

Be mindful of what you think;
        thoughts will be spoken.

Be mindful of what you speak;
        words become action.

Be mindful of what you do;
        deeds express character.

Become mindful of who you are;
        see the fate you had created.

Become mindful of the moment;
        awaken to the possibility of now.

A more hopeful wording of Be Mindful, a poem I wrote for my blog God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms.

Just say yes…

Say yes to open doors

Just say yes to follow The Way.

Deep in my depression I say “no” … a lot. More than any other single thought or action, no keeps me in the gap, the dark empty space between spirit and body. I can say no without even thinking about it, without uttering the word, camouflaging it by saying yes to a crutch or coping mechanism.

Depression is a dark, windowless room built brick-by-brick with “No“.

On the flip side, “yes” pokes chinks in the walls, allowing little beams of light to pierce the darkness. Read more »

Minding the Gap

Mindfulness while following The Way

Mindfulness while following The Way

Mind the gap, please.

If you’ve never ridden the London Underground, you may not be familiar with this phrase. It’s repeated over train platform PA systems at regular intervals, urging passengers to be mindful of the void between platform and train while loading and unloading.

I’ve fallen into the gap, the one between spiritual connection and day-to-day life, disconnected from the things and activities I find pleasurable and meaningful, from the people who bring smiles to my face and make my heart race.

Much as I mind being in the gap, being here is a choice, one made from moment to moment, made so frequently it becomes easy, a default, not just a pattern but a way of being.

Minding the gap does nothing to promote an escape.

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